More than 6 cubic feet of kitchen storage. The lower section is designed to fit the standard Coleman propane camping stove. It is an awesome performer and affordably priced. The door for the stove area drops down on chains for use of the stove. The right chain is positioned at an angle to clear the propane bottle when attached to the stove. The next compartment above the stove area is sized to fit 1 pound propane bottles and fits other tallish items like olive oil, dish soap, maple syrup sized bottles, and more.

Above that area, the next skinny space is for plates, bowls, cups, and silverware. We installed an LED lamp below this shelf to provide light when cooking, with a switch for it on the right side of this compartment.

Above that is the cavernous pantry area. The goal of our van build was to be a minimum of one week off grid and independent. It is easy to store plenty of food for two people for a week in this kitchen.

The concept is simple, it’s just a plywood box hanging on the door. But it actually is a fairly significant chore to make models and experiments and find exactly the right dimensions to fit the space. The price of the plans will, I assure you, save weeks of work.

econoline camper van kitchen on the door picture. Food storage for two people for a week off grid.